Baobab shows 14GB less usage. Where is the rest?

The used disk space that Baobab shows is 14GB less than Gparted shows. I guess Baobab is not showing all usages because it says "“could not always detect occupied disk sizes” at the top. How can I know what is occupying the 14GB?

because 14Gb is not 14Gib ( gparted )


To know more about what was said above, check this:




Unit discrepancy?

There are many reasons why, and any of the above could explain it on its own, or a combination thereof.

My Good King, might you share with us peasants thine royal system information?

Nah, it is not that 1000, 1024 thing.

The partition format is BTRFS, but I did not remember manually making any links or snapshots myself (maybe some applications have done, I don’t know). Even if I ran baobap with sudo, it still shows the same amount of usage and “could not always detect occupied disk sizes”. Is there some part of the Manjaro partition that no one can access?

Within the very baobab app, in the listing it shows:
but in the details:

What system information do you need?

Damn. I got the reason. That disk details does not include the /home directory for some reason. /home had 14GB.

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