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I’m new to Manjaro and archlinux, my laptop has some compatibility problems with hardware, so I’m trying both to see which is more suitable.
I asked a common hardware compatibility question, with a note that “I’m running Manjaro” to be honest, they warned me.
Then when I’m tring archlinux, and asked a question about AUR, nothing about Manjaro, be banned, the left message is " Seek help from the community for your distribution."

I think the culture of archlinux dones’t considering honor much.

First of all, even though you were ‘honest’ about using Manjaro (on the Arch BBS), by continuing on and posting (even though you’ve agreed to abide by the Arch CoC), you’ve already painted a target on your back.

Too many people get called out for not running Arch, then they will repost the same thing, trying to creatively edit out the fact that they are not running Arch. Providing a uname -a (which can be found with a search, and just copy/pasted) isn’t proof that you’re running Arch.

I saw the thread that resulted in your ban.

The AUR is for Arch, regardless if Manjaro/Endeavor/whatever can use it. The same rules apply on the BBS WRT questions regarding the AUR.

If you feel the ban was unfair/in error, you can appeal it. It might help your appeal if you provide a complete dmesg and complete pacman.log (I would use a pastebin, if I was you.) :slight_smile:


Normally it’s hard to help a newbie about archlinux or even manjaro.
A better way is to learn the basics myself first.


You agreed to the Arch forum rules when you signed up there. You violated them and they banned you. Not sure what you were expecting.

Arch is not Manjaro. Manjaro is not Arch.


I’m new to Manjaro and archlinux, I’m using both to see hardware compatibility and user experience.
When I’m asking the question on a machine running archlinux, the question is all about archlinux. In fact I have another computer that runs Manjaro. While I’m running both, I can’t ask a pure archlinux question.

I have painted two targets, because I’m using both. :joy:

was it installed the arch way? they are particular about that as well, otherwise it’s not arch.

I don’t think we need to discuss when Arch is Arch or not and there policy on it.
This is not the forum to do so.


Yes, command by command

I am trying to explain to the OP some other possibilities as to why they may have banned him. I am not casting any aspersions on them, as the first thing I was advised long ago in the 2012/2013 manjaro forum was to read up on Arch forum’s pinned threads for newcomers and how to ask questions, to understand their philosophy and ethos (and etiquette on their board).

Those threads helped me a lot in understanding Arch and what exactly was involved in running a long-term rolling distro.


Fair enough. It looks like you might perhaps try to explain the situation there, but I can’t help you since I am not a member there nor have I installed Arch the Arch way.

It is likely they assumed you were hiding the fact your install was a Manjaro install and did not realise you had a “real” Arch install as well. However, did you read up on those “newcomer read these first” pinned posts before posting for help?


OK, anyway I’m new.

Not yet, I’ll read it when the ban expires.

That’s oke but there is no possibility any discussion coming from this thread will help anyone.

Best thing to do is as @merlock told you and try to appeal when you feel the ban was unfair or in error.

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And the rules are…

These forums are for Arch Linux x86_64 ONLY.

Not Antegros, or Apricity, or Manjaro, or any of the "easy Arch installers", nor Arch-ARM; nothing other than vanilla 64-bit Arch Linux. Ask those communities for support.
If you have installed Arch, please read the rules before posting. README: Forum Rules.

Please note, that in signing up to these forums, you agree to the Arch Linux Privacy Policy, and any information you post to these boards will be considered "public information".

And the Arch-ARM is not allowed there.


Agreed. Closing.