Baloo - Encoding errors while indexing thunderbird folders

Unable to use baloo search for thunderbird folders, because I get errors like,
Invalid encoding. Ignoring “/home/abad/Documents/MAIL.NEW/LOCAL FOLDERS/0 Shopping”

Similar errors on all the folders. As a result I am not able to search through thunderbird folders.

Baloo has numerous bugs and limitations some of which have been open for years. Your issue sounds like it might be related to

The KFileMetadata extractor for text attempts to convert text to Unicode. If the file uses another encoding, such as iso-8859-1, any file contents after the first character that is invalid in Unicode will not be indexed

If you want to search Thunderbird mail whats wrong with the search in Thunderbird itself?


Baloo search claims to be one stop search across entire spectrum of data file of all applications. It would be good to have a single search engine for a search criteria.