Badges doesn't work: any ideas how to?

Unbelievable, but still a fact: badges doesn’t work on KDE or at all in Linux environment. Couldn’t find any way to enable it on taskbar. It’s very annoying, cause everyone (almost) uses fb, telegram, mail etc.

Telegram doesn’t work at all. The only option is to install package from AUR (with the name “kdefix” in it) and still you get unreaded messages badges in tray, not taskbar. If you prefer to make tray 24px, just to have easy access to click an icon, badges is just a red spot on the icon.

Firefox’s tabs (i’d try to use web Telegram for that matter) also doesn’t work (please, who use another browsers, Vivaldi, Chrome, Opera - is there an option to get working badges?). Neither works Facebook or Workplace.

Discord doesn’t work too.

I have installed “libunity” package from AUR, but it doesn’t help anymore. My guess is that badges function is totally abandoned on linux and it frustrates me a lot.

My understanding of the current situation on KDE is;

  • There is no official standard for application icon notification badges in Linux

  • KDE only supports them using the libunity API

  • The libunity project looks near abandoned since Canonical lost interest years ago, so either apps don’t support it or even if they do many distros don’t install libunity by default (which results in even less apps using it).

Unfortunately that situation is unlikely to change unless an official standard comes along.

GNOME apparently has some unofficial workarounds/hacks according to these discussions, but KDE devs don’t want to go down that route;

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Have no idea what happened. After installing various packages from AUR, changing visual things in my system (windows decorations, various themes, latte configurations and so on) and all of sudden badges for Telegram just started to work. No idea at what moment and why, sorry everyone can not reproduce how did this happen.

Also now strange thing happens when i launch Telegram from launcher. I get error notification: “Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.”

After several minutes Telegram just silently crashes. If i run form terminal telegram-desktop, everything works as it should.



Could you explain what badges actually are? If that is what I think, then such implementation was supported partially via libunity on latte-dock, but some updates few years ago broke it.

omg, sorry i forgot to answer. yes, badges are those numbers of messages (mails etc.) you’ve got on icon in taskbar.

and yes, it didn’t work for me with libunity. i just could repeat myself, now it is working. it’s working in latte and in default panel’s taskbar. i don’t know, what changed in my system. it’s manjaro kde unstable.

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