Bad use of Manjaro name by a project?

Hi, I came across a project for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) named ManjaroWSL, but (as far as I know) it doesn’t come from Manjaro developers and it is quite far from being a Manjaro distro/flavour, apart of using Manjaro repos and packages. It doesn’t even include pamac or typical Manjaro configurations.

Is that allowed?

I don’t really see an issue:

  • Trademark

Since it’s called “ManjaroWSL” and it’s free (they don’t make money with it), I would not see this as trademark infringement.

Using the logo / icon is maybe a problem, but there is this:

Manjaro® name and logo are registered trademarks of Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG. Some rights reserved. The Manjaro Community is licensed to use the trademark with given terms.

Question would be what those “given terms” are.

  • Copyright

You can copy and distribute (modified) copies of Manjaro as long as you open-source these modifications. That seems to be the case here.

That’s how I see it, but I’m by far not an expert on these topics :man_shrugging:

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Ok. I’m just asking. I’m not sure myself. The problem I see is using the Manjaro name in a product that I can’t honestly say it’s “Manjaro”. Sure, it uses Manjaro repos, but it just install a bunch of packages and, from my point of view, is missing a lot that makes a distro “Manjaro”.

I’m thinking on the people that can try it without having used Manjaro before and getting the idea that that is what Manjaro looks like.

But if it is ok, nothing to see then… keep walking :smiley:

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Is it really a product? I was assuming it does not cost anything. When it’s being sold, that is a different story.

You are understanding the word on the first meaning from here, where I’m using it more on the third one: something that has been produced, not necessarily for sale. You can substitute it with the word “project” if it suits you better.

Anyway I think you are misinterpreting me. I have nothing against that project. Good luck to him/her. As I said I just think it doesn’t feel right to call it Manjaro. But it’s not my trademark, that’s why I’m asking. If nobody cares, me neither. :no_mouth:

Yes, with “product”, I interpreted that it is being sold (for money, in this case).
So it does not cost anything then? (This is a serious question. I do not use Windows apart from -at work- where MS Store is blocked)

Me neither, nor do I want to support it.

And I think your question is a good one.
Curious to see what the Manjaro team thinks about that.

It is “ManjaroWSL” though. But yeah, at least they could’ve mentioned that it NOT affiliated to the official “Manjaro Linux” distribution.

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404 so seems the project is no more or moved?

It seems that someone from Manjaro contacted him and requested to remove the Manjaro name from the title. And he didn’t like it. Remove ManjaroWSL from list of unofficial distros by sileshn · Pull Request #77 · sirredbeard/Awesome-WSL · GitHub

Maybe just to more prominently say that it is not a real Manjaro distro/flavour? idk

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Too bad. I actually use it on my Windows machine.

@cfinnberg I bet you are fun at parties.

Maybe, but as I said in other reply, I have/had nothing against that project. I suppose it can be an interesting project for someone, but what didn’t felt right was that it was named Manjaro when it was clearly nothing even close to Manjaro. Maybe he could just have stated more prominently that the project was not endorsed or officially supported by Manjaro or that the project was in a very early alpha stage. Or maybe whoever contacted him could have been more open to dialogue, I don’t know.

But I didn’t asked for this, nor my purpose was to shutdown the project. I actually brought up the name issue because a friend of mine tried it and was very disappointed by the “non-Manjaro” experience.

It’s not actually the project’s fault. WSL2 doesn’t support systemd natively, so the packages it initially provided are very basic. You can’t even run pamac without systemd.
I actually wonder how to promote Manjaro without using the name “Manjaro”? :thinking:

I don’t think making Manjaro “available” through WSL counts as promoting it, since in fine it doesn’t run like Manjaro should nor can receive support from the Manjaro community…

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