Bad sound from Headset


When I input my bluetooth headset the sound is good, but when I wish to use the mic, the mic is not detected. However when I change the profile to HSP/HFP the mic shows and works, but the audio output from the headset is in mono sound and very bad. Why is this? Is it supposed to be like that? any way to sort it out?
By default the profile is A2DP and audio is great. But then no mic option.


They both only support mono audio. For stereo you need A2DP.
This is a bluetooth limitation.
“That’s because A2DP is meant only for one-way communication. You can’t use microphone in A2DP mode, technically impossible.”

Hey thanks. I.manages to sort it out. I had to set the recording input to the motherboard and use a wire for the mic.

Now I can use the Bluetooth for audio and motherboard for mic.