Bad iso sha1 signature

Hmm, well I have downloaded the file “manjaro-kde-21.2.6-minimal-220416-linux515.iso” from this url ("_" replace “.” and “\” replace “/” because I’m not allowed to post url…):

I have downloaded it twice.

The 1st time (2 hours ago), the sha1sum command give me this :
$ sha1sum manjaro-kde-21.2.6-minimal-220416-linux515.iso
That’s was not the expected check sum.

Then I downloaded the iso another time from the same URL, and it give me this :
$ sha1sum manjaro-kde-21.2.6-minimal-220416-linux515.iso
which is the correct checksum given on the download page. ( manjaro_org\downloads\official\kde)

I’ve also check the gpg signature of the second file, with the key found on the Ubuntu server key, and it is ok.

Well, could you explain me why the 2 files are different. Does this happen often ?

Sounds like the first attempt simply was an incomplete download.

I’am not sure. The download terminated well the two times and the “du” command give me the same size for both file.

You could compare the files :wink: