Backup Tool to perform restore to Factory Image

I have a Dell G7 15 7590 laptop

  • I use dual boot Manjaro being my primary Os and Windows as secondary Os
    which come shipped with the device.
  • Somehow my windows partition broke (unable to perform updates) and I need to perform a reset to the factory the image would also delete my manjaro partition.
  • I want to restore my manjaro partition as it is as I don’t want to reconfigure all things.
  • Sorry If this post seems to be redundant I really don’t want to break my system.
    Please suggest how to backup and restore my manjaro partition.

Where should Manjaro be restored?
Your nvme does not have enough space for an uncompressed backup of the Manjaro partition and the Windows reset need further disk space …

Cant I use a external HDD

Of course, you can use an external HDD for this. Just not your nvme

can u suggest me a tool to do the same


when I need a driveimage to be stored and restored afterwards I use Hirens Boot CD PE. It ist based on Windows PE and contains AOMEI for creating the images.

You can find it here:

I hope that fits your needs.

You have to backup before you can restore. :wink:

You better download a Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft website, and simply reinstall to your current Windows partition. This way you also don’t reinstall all the bloatware from the factory installation and you’ll have an already (or almost) up to date Windows.

Still I would make backup of important files anyway, but that seems to be the most simple thing to do.

//EDIT: in any case (reinstall of Windows from fresh ISO, or backup/restore of Manjaro partition) I think you would still need to tinker to have a working dual boot as the EFI partition will be renewed I guess.

Yeah I totally understand that thereforre I am asking for the apt tool to backup to the best of my knowled ge I cant perform backups to a external drive through timeshift

Yes you can. The author of Timeshift even recommends it:

For best results the snapshots should be saved to an external (non-system) partition.

Thanks for the suggestion but I was looking for a tool so that if on future if my laptop goes dead and by any chance my hard drive cant be accessed or shifting to a new device and I can get running my os along with my configurations easily .