Backup strategy

hi folks,

i switched recently to linux and would like to implement a proper backup strategy.

I have a freenas server with a smb share I would like to backup to.
Freenas uses zfs and snapshots. I really like how this works.

so I would appreciate to have something similar on my desktop.

however my manjaro runs ext4. Is there any known tool to create (incremental) snapshots of my entire (or parts) disk and put them on the smb share?

main point would be an easy rollback function. I already did twice something bad to my system. a function to rollback would be very helpful!
gui is prefered over cli tools :slight_smile:

Use timeshift ─ it should be installed by default. It can be used both from the command line and through a GUI. It can also be run manually or periodically.

It uses rsync in the background and will first make an integral copy of your system, whereby the next backups will then only copy over the modified files while using hard links against the initial copies of the files that have not been modified in between backups.

thanks for your reply. I already checked that out.
Maybe I misunderstood something but it tells me remote and network locations are not supported, as well as NTFS/FAT etc

so I assume it is not the right tool for my needs?

Oops, my bad. In that case, you can use rsnapshot, which works in roughly the same way, albeit that in and of itself, it’s not a GUI application.

well… that one requires an ssh connection. Would like to avoid doing such fancy stuff on freenas.

apart from that, i am not too sure if that would work on a smb share in terms of ownership and rights.

any more suggestions for tools?

backuppc from the repository supports SMB/CIFS, but I have no experience with it, so I don’t know whether it’s GUI-driven.

In the AUR, there’s also arch-backup, but those are just scripts, not a GUI. bacula, also from the AUR, appears to be GUI-driven and network-capable, but I don’t know whether it supports SMB/CIFS.

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I’m just putting this here.


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