Background/Wallpaper scaling and image input handling

Hi, I was searching for a way to change how manjaro/gnome handles my background images. Some do not have the right side to side ratio and are subsequentially cut off at the sides or top/bottom. I would like to change the processing to a centering and leaving the sides black, or rescaling to the right size approach. Does anyone know a quick way to do so, besides changing all my images to fit the desired size ?

I’m not on my PC now but if I’m not mistaken GNOME Tweaks should have a setting for that

KDE has several options to deal with wall paper images. I know that’s probably not a helpful solution. Frankly if a wall paper doesn’t look right to me, I edit it manually, by resizing and cropping. If it’s really bad I just delete it from the queue.

Oh, thank you. You are of course right. I did check Tweaks, don’t know how I missed this.

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