Background Info On "manjaro-fixes"

This morning I saw I had a couple updates, one of which is is for “manjaro-hotfixes”, when selected more specifically “manjaro-hotfixes 2018.08-6”. I wouldn’t be curious if it wasn’t for the description “Obsolete dummy package”. Since it has that description, what’s the deal with it? I’m assuming since it was included in the base install and now has an update that it isn’t actually obsolete so why does it have that description?
I’m not having any issue. Just curiosity.


It’s obsolete and you can remove it.

If it is obsolete and meant to be removed, why did it get an update and not a removal?

How do you expect it to get a removal? Pacman doesn’t remove package by itself, nor does pamac. It can be replaced by empty package though, so that’s what’s happened.

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Today I have an update of manjaro-hotfixes. The package description is “Obsolete dummy package”. Thats’s funny, but what is the intention? The package has no files and no dependencies.

Yes it is:

You can remove it just as it said during the update.

less -p 'manjaro-hotfixes is obsolete' /var/log/pacman.log


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