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Hi- I’m a reluctant emigre from Windows 7 because AMD and Intel won’t support it in their new cpu’s (yes, Windows stinks, but has so many third-party correcting utilities that it ends up ahead). Planned obsolescence strikes again! I just picked Manjaro as the least painful looking alternative.
My problem is that i have a neurological condition that makes me extremely distractable, so the existence of windows utilities like Clutter Cloak are vital for me.
DOES MANJARO HAVE ANY SIMILAR BACKGROUND DIMMERS? Barring that, can anybody suggest the best way to get W7 utilities to work in Manjaro? A heads-up as to the names and locations of appearance-altering apps would be greatly appreciated. If another distro would be better, i’d appreciate hearing about it…
Thanks in advance…

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Not specific to Manjaro, but the KDE Plasma desktop environment has the ability ─ not switched on by default, though ─ to dim inactive windows, as well as to make them translucent (and to what degree).

I do not know whether any of the other desktop environments have this ability, though ─ I only use Plasma. :man_shrugging:

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Thanx muchly. Nice to get confirmation- I’d picked Plasma as my preferered desktop environment!

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You won’t regret it. Plasma is the most customizable of all desktop environments. :wink:

A postscript… I forgot to add that clean-screen-ability in general is really important to me.
Any tips… utilities or Plasma settings or whatever that would help me reach that blessed state?
Ability to toggle on/off docks etc. was one good aspect of Windows 7.

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You can create as many panels and/or docks as you like ─ or none at all, if that is what you prefer ─ and you can set them to auto-hide. :wink:

Thanks for that. I thought it was probably doable, given KDE Plasma’s rep, but had to ask, especially considering that i’ve been unable to find a simple beginners intro to Plasma

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