Back to last LTS using Manjaro Settings Manager > Kernel tool


Manjaro 21.1.4 in use here. XFCE on top of version as installed by this Manjaro’s package management.
For package updates Pamac is always used.
For kernel updates the graphical tool Manjaro Settings Manager > kernel is used.
Certain time ago administrator updated kernel to 5.13.19 which for this Manjaro setup is the kernel in operation. Last LTS is still installed 5.10.68 according to Manjaro Settings Manager.
User wants to go back to LTS 5.10.68. There is no option avaible in MSM to do it.
Is it safe to uninstall 5.13 using MSM, will Manjaro 21.1.4 XFCE switch automatically to 5.10 on 5.13 kernel removal?

Yes and yes. :grin: But make sure you boot up in 5.10 first before removing 5.13.

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My fault, thanks.

Thank you for rapid yet effective help. Yes, procedure was short in time and ran seamlessly. I only had to find shortcut at boot-time of grub to select 5.10 kernel before 5.13 removal.

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