Avahi mDNS access slow

Hey Guys,

As the subject states, getting super slow SSH when trying to ssh to any ‘.local’ devices on my network (raspberry pi). According to my terminal it’s takes almost 30 seconds to get the password prompt. On my MacBook Pro, things are super snappy and I can SSH to my other devices with almost no delay. Both Manjaro and MacBook are on wifi and no other major issues that I can tell.

Anyone else see similar issues and able to resolve it? Thanks in advance to everyone for your time and help, it is greatly appreciated!


TTT, please and thank you!

Hey, I don’t have this issue and I don’t know how I could solve it for you and I don’t know what TTT means. But I’ll share my thoughts and guesses.

Do you have a DNS server for .local? if so it might interfere with resolution.
Are you using ipv6? if so this might be a solution.