Avahi enabled but no mDNS resolution

I actually agree with mauve02 in this one. Having used Unix/linux at work for years I decided to move away from Windows 11 vomits and adopt a Linux DE. Whilst other there are other distro’s I personally feel like Manjaro offers the best experience overall, except when I wanted to setup a printer… which works perfectly fine on every other OS we have in the house, including android, iOS, Windows and MacOS. Suddenly I’m having to research about mDNS, which is not something I knew about until about a year ago, yes OK I learnt something new which is good, but it should be voluntary to learn these things. Then, tonight, Manjaro has decided to flat out stop resolving any mDNS queries at all.

Can I work out why? Nope, so I’m now sat on Google trying to workout what has failed.


But your avahi is enabled.

How is this relevant to this thread?

If that is the problem maybe we should start a new thread for this issue?

What has changed in the interim? Did you perform updates, remove packages, change configurations?

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Do you have a firewall active that might be impacting here?

Yeah, because I enabled it after finding out it wasn’t for whatever reason…

No firewall, no iptables, no netfiler.

I’ve no idea what happened overnight, but it is now working again.

…as if by magic…

Good to read that DNS-SD is working again, but the post marked as the solution is not clear at all.

I don’t know what changed to resolve it, I put the computer to sleep last night and woke up this morning it was working again, so not sure what to put as a resolution?

It could have been environmental, a temporary issue with your Internet provider, or maybe something you did required a reboot (difficult to say). It’s working for you now, regardless, so take the win. :slight_smile:

Oh I am :rofl:

Thing is, I didn’t reboot just sleep which is pretty standard for my machine.

As you say, could have been something else :man_shrugging:

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