Automount USB in Qtile

I switched to Manjaro XFCE recently and I found out that my USB is not automounting. I can’t seem to get it to work. I use QTile WM and my file manager is Thunar. Thanks in advance to those who help.

Imho automounting sucks, but if you want to have it, one easy way is to install udiskie and put this to your autostart:

udiskie -2 &

Could you tell me why you think it is a bad idea? I would love to know as it is quite necessary to stop doing bad practices.

It is not bad practice per se, I just don’t personally like when volumes automount. They get mounted when I click them anyway, so automounting them doesn’t bring any significant benefit anyway, and I have often been annoyed when I repartition a thumb drive for installation, and file manager automounts and I have to unmount it to mount it to a correct mount point. There is no reason why you should not use it, it just messes up my personal workflow.