Automount hard drives

since last Manjaro update automount on KDE is not working, even if from options i have enabled automount as used to have.
Any one else having the same problem and how can I fix that?

Likely related to this:


In KDE Partition Manager, open “Edit Mount Options” by right clicking on target drive, then check that mount path is valid and no-automatic mount is disabled

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With the latest updates, ANY irregularities in fstab can cause the system to ask for your password to mount a drive. Make sure the drive in question has a UUID entry in fstab and the proper mount point.

Here is an example:

UUID=“7e3e4ba4-01ac-4020-b8e7-84d9f3097a48” /run/media/thisuser/Music ext4 defaults 0 2

Example from a friend’s computer. :wink:

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The best way to solve this is to use the “gnome-disk-utitlity” tool.

Select drive, then highlight your partition, go to the gear for settings, select mounting options, then just do your required settings. You can fix it easily this way. This tool is wonderful and of course works on KDE as well. Even the tool works for automount of encrypted partitions / containers.