Automatically mounting disks with NTFS and LDM partitions

First of all: I’m a Linux noob.

Now for the real question(s).

I have 3 disks.

The HDD (LDM) is used for generic files, like pictures, music files etc.

The SSD (NTFS) is used for games.

The second SSD (ext4) is the system disk.

In a fresh Manjaro install, the LDM and NTFS disks have to be manually mounted.

In the HDD I have full access to my OneDrive folder.


  1. If I go to Settings > Removable Storage > Removable Devices, and check the boxes “on login” for the LDM and NTFS partitions, they won’t be automatically mounted after I reboot. What is that setting for?

  2. When I use Disks (Gnome), I can successfully set the partitions to mount at startup, but the OneDrive folder in the HDD becomes just a broken shortcut.

What should I do?