Autocorrect in KDE

i am using manjaro kde plasma , i want auto correct word everywhere i am typing whether its on google or whatsapp , but i unable to find the suitable software that can auto correct automatically while i am typing :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually, potential errors will be underlined. Honestly, autocorrect is more trouble than it’s worth…

Job done :wink:

With US and and GB - colour and color both pass muster.

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Personally I think Autocorrect is, well, close to useless, I agree with @Ben.

However, this might help you:

Which is disturbing, actually. While it’s fine for personal use when you know which variant you prefer, scale that to the wider Internet communities and you’d probably create a global Word War.

It’s enough already that many Americans seem to claim their regional bastardisation of the English language as being Gods gift to mankind; arrogantly suggesting the Kings/Queens English is a tacked-on afterthought.

… but, I digress. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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GEE SHOCKING something we actually agree on. I’m American and laugh everytime someone swears American English is the correct one. The whole language irregardless of which version is convoluted anyway. Sorry for also going off topic.

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I’m sure @Ben’s superior autocorrect will put us all back on topic.

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I went through the mill with this - arguing with American and other non-native speakers.

The worst thing, for me, about American English - read subtitles as you watch NYPD Blue and just see how many words they manage to use to say something - whole sentences to replace a single word, or short comment.

Conversely, they only have one word which covers sicknesses, insects, bugs, arachnids and any other variety of small animal.

It’s swings and roundabouts, so in the end it’s best just to accept that what’s understood is the correct version - so whilst I will type colour, if I quote ‘color’ I don’t want some idiot telling me it’s wrong.

I do actually use colour and color interchangeably, in documentation (depending on the audience) and especially in CSS code, which as a default uses the American spelling. It’s inescapable, in some situations.

All I hope for is at least some acknowlegement that there isn’t only one English; sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised; most times not.

In life I’ve learnt not to expect anything from people. And I’m still dissappointed regularly…


Which word was that?

I suspect “critters”…

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