Autoclose topics after a solution

Eh 24 hours would have been more than enough. Some threads just go on and on forever without anything useful being said after they’ve been solved.

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This is probably because the default timeout for those particular threads was still set to 3 hours. It all depends on when the thread was created — i.e. before or after the timer template was modified.

This is certainly true, just as some threads go on and on forever due to the original poster either being obtuse, or a help vampire, or both.

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The timer is usually triggered when a solution is marked
But moderators & community assistants can set timers on any open topic


The ‘Close Temporarily’ timer is the only one I recall having been used by moderators in the past

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Well, even 48 hours is fine, when considerting the topic can be renewed in a new thread, if needed. Of course, by that argument, 3 hours is also fine. :crazy_face:

We account for the “internationality” (is this even a word?) of the forum. Between USA and Australia there are about 15-20 hours of “lost” time (in sleeping/working), so i think the minimum for everybody to have a fair chance globally is 2 days as it is now.

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Topic is marked as solved. It’s done. Who cares where’s what. Let’s see how long this one will drag on.

This is true, but there is sometimes good reason to allow additional comments.

  • if there are additional, relevant details which improve the resource - and sometimes comments about the solution accepted.

  • if there are interesting alternative solutions.

So extending the clock hopefully serves to improve the coffin and give more time for good people to polish the nails. I believe there are currently over 124,000 nails - but it’s an extremely large coffin and so there’s no need to panic just yet.


…and it seems to be 3 hours again

Two days now; for new threads, apparently.

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I somehow have the feeling we have a mix of both but i cannot quite see the pattern.

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The linked thread was opened 4 hours ago. It should already have the two days… but no.

This topic was automatically closed 3 hours after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.

I was only repeating what was previously stated by a Moderator.
Scroll up.

Clearly, 3 hours is not 2 days, or 3 days, nor any of the other variations we’ve been spoon fed.

Regarding Discourse

To Whom It May Concern

I found Apply auto-close to existing topics, and a script in Change default auto-close on all categories on the Discourse site, which might lead to an understanding of, or even a solution to, all this auto close randomness:

Here is the script:

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os
import requests

if __name__ == '__main__':
    username = os.environ['DISCOURSE_API_USERNAME']
    key = os.environ['DISCOURSE_API_KEY']
    s = requests.session()
    s.headers.update({'Accept': 'application/json'})
    s.params.update({'api_key': key, 'api_username': username})
    base = ''
    update = {'auto_close_hours': '168', 'auto_close_based_on_last_post': True}
    parents = s.get(base + 'categories').json()['category_list']['categories']
    for p in parents:
        r = s.put(base + 'categories/' + str(p['id']), params=p)
        assert r.ok
        categories = s.get(base + 'categories', params={'parent_category_id': p['id']}).json()['category_list']['categories']
        for c in categories:
            r = s.put(base + 'categories/' + str(c['id']), params=c)
            assert r.ok

This seems like it could be adaptable for the Manjaro forum.
Administrative Bulk Operations also seems useful.

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Sorry, didn’t catch the sarcasm. I thought you were being serious.

There was no sarcasm. Where do you get that idea from?

In any case, yes, I’ve been told either directly, or by proxy, several different timeouts. Clearly none are absolute, as yet. :slight_smile:

So, now I’ve spent a few minutes looking for a solution myself; despite having never setup Discourse before.

Threads are still being auto-closed after 3hrs.

Yes, I’ve already stated above I’m aware and still don’t know why.

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From what I’ve managed to ascertain, Discourse has an initial auto close timeout (as a global fallback), which is not affected by timeouts imposed on individual categories; or, rather, unaltered categories; and seems to remain in effect for new posts. I’ve seen conflicting comments on the Discourse forum as to how long that default might be, and so far nothing on how it’s governed. So, nothing useful.

On the old forum it used to be 30 days, and then the necro-bumpers were having a ball. :roll_eyes:

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I finally figured it out and topics should no longer close after three hours.


Necro-bumping, are we? :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl: