Auto-update non-official packages during system update?

A few of my standard applications are not available in the official repositories. For example: Losslesscut.
There is an AUR solution, and I thought this would be the best choice since you can select to auto-update AUR apps in pamac settings.

However, when I read this:
It says I should not enable auto-update for AUR.

What would be the best compromise to install apps and make sure they are updated when I update the rest of the system (via pamac)? Is it SNAP, or FLATPAK?

I believe in this case there is a snap and a flatpak version of Losslesscut.

That is an odd addition to the wiki …

I’m guessing you mean this relatively new addition to the wiki (which I just reverted):

If you enable AUR support do not enable update checker as this is known to flood the AUR web. This will put the pamac useragent on a denylist at the aurweb.

That’s completely false. I believe that was added to the wiki before the issue was found. It was actually due to the autocompleting of search results which has already been fixed. See:


Yup. Fede shouldnt have added that … even if it were the case … it is a problem to be handled in development … not something you add to docs and ‘tell users not to use’… just weird.

Hey, @Yochanan can I just remove that line?

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If the wiki editor will comply, yes. Right now, it’s not. :angry:

EDIT: Done.

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