Auto back and forth option for chromium


In i3 is option what make that shortcut for 2nd workspace go there but also go back. Anyone know if and if yes then how do similar think in chromium browser? I am addicted to use it and feel that this would be cool to have in chromium as well.

For ppl who do not use chromium longer explain:
If you are in 1 workspace and click MOD+2 you go to 2 workspace and now if you click again MOD+2 it go back to 1 workspace
In chromium CTRL+2 go to 2 tab, and now click again CTRL+2 could to back to tab where I came from (that what I’d love to get)

Thank you in advance and have a wonderful day :slight_smile:

I think that what you’re describing is requested in this really old feature request:

Sadly the request is marked as WontFix (Closed), which means that you’ll probably need an extension to get this functionality in Chromium.

Some extensions are already mentioned in the feature request, but you can also search in the Chrome web store for alternatives.
I tested this one (Previous Tab) and it worked - you can define a keyboard shortcut, like Alt+q for example, that will allow you to switch to the most recently used tab. Not exactly how i3wm works, but close enough to what you want to accomplish.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you very much for that <3

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