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I am running Manjaro with i3wm, and having had trouble with scaling of Hi-DPI displays recently, I wanted to try Sway. For that, I started installing a different (wayland-compatible) display manager, for which I chose ly.
I read that ly is pretty unstable and should not be used, but I want to keep i3wm. Is there a good alternative (I love the minimal TUI look) that supports X and wayland?

Now, I previously had some rofi menus set up, for example one power menu, from which I could lock/sleep/logout/reboot/shutdown the system. I took that powermenu from the polybar-themes repo, but basically, it is triggered by a keyboard shortcut in my i3 config and then runs commands, depending on what I chose. It used to work while I was still on LightDM, but now that I installed ly, all the commands don’t work anymore, except for locking the session.
When I do “systemctl suspend” or other ones (logout/reboot/shutdown) in a regular terminal, it now requires interactive authentication.
That wasn’t the case when I was on LightDM, nor should it be the case because these things should be able to be triggered from my power menu.
Do I need to give some sort of special rights to that script, or is it a setup thing?
I tried restarting the ly service as sudo and as not-sudo, but that didn’t change much.
Thank you in advance, really puzzled on this one, and also I couldn’t really find anything online.

This is due to the removal of package manjaro-hotfixes which removed two udev rules.

I don’t know what is exactly required but if you are not using systemd logind then you do not get properly authenticated which may create other issues like the ones you mention.

Search results for 'manjaro-hotfixes' - Manjaro Linux Forum - this will likely produce some information you can use.

This topic Need to put in pasword to open drive now, why? (drive is in system) - #7 by fsw contains the rules that was removed.

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