AUR updates through Pamac

Does Pamac offer AUR updates as they become available, or are they offered together with the regular Manjaro update installments at specific times?
For instance, what happens if I install a AUR browser, such as Google Chrome? Do I receive the update as soon as it comes out, or a week or two later?

They are available as soon as they come out, but it is up to you to install them.


Thanks, so by default, do I get a notification that such an update is available? Or can I configure Pamac to notify?

I don’t know ─ I don’t use the GUI. Why don’t you check the settings yourself? :man_shrugging:

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I would, if I had Manjaro installed at the moment. But thanks anyway.
I am weighing whether to switch from pure Arch to Manjaro, and I understand that Manjaro uses a customized version of Pamac. Thus my question.

What do you mean? It uses Pamac. Pamac is a Manjaro tool made by guinux here on the forum.

//EDIT: here is an album with Pamac settings for you Pamac Settings - Album on Imgur (it doesn’t have the Snap or Flatpak settings tabs as I removed these Pamac plugins, I don’t use that).


Cool, I didn’t know that Manjaro people created it.

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