AUR Repository for Davinci Resolve version out of date

I’ve just rebuilt my machine and went to install Cabinet Resolve from the AUR. The AUR version is behind the version in their website.

Q1. Can my system download directly from a repository using the AUR, or do I have to download from Black Magic’s site and place in my Download directory for three install to work? (this comes from watching a video in how to install)

Q2. How do I handle the Barton mismatch if I do need to use a download?

I did install just from AUR and it got a splash up but then nothing.

You have to notify the packager of it on the AUR page. We are not responsible for AUR packages unless one of out team members is taking care of it. Not the case with DR tho.

If you want, you can deal with the PKDBUILD yourself, edit it and point it to use the latest archive.

Thanks Bogdan.

Q1. What’s the ‘DR’?
Q2. Can you please point me to instructions for your PKDBUILD option?

Your help is much appreciated!

btw. I used Ubuntu for about 15 years, and love the change to Manjaro. I’m just getting used to the finer points, but it’s definitely better than Ubuntu.

My lazy short for Davinci Resolve :slight_smile:

This is the original PKGBUILD
No need to paste it here, but you can save it/have it locally and run it from your machine with the command
makepkg -si
More about you can read here

Or you can simply EDIT it when you build it with pamac.

From what i recall, the AUR Davinci Resolve will use your local downloaded archive from Black Magic, hence you only have to change the sha256sums on line 87 to match yours, and probably pkgver=16.2.7 on line 65 to what is now provided by Black Magic.

Also see Foo in the AUR is outdated; what should I do?