Aur packages unable to update

Dear folks,

I’m experiencing some troubles when updating the AUR packages via the pacman graphical interface. I can do a normal update of the packages via the terminal, but those of AUR I always have used the graphical interface without trouble until now.

The problem: I press “update”, and then I got the messages “Failed to prepare transaction” with “Edit build files”, as well as “Error” with “Failed to prepare transaction” w “Invalid or corrupted database”.

In the terminal I execute “pamac upgrade -a” and get again the same kind of messages. Is this some internal error in AUR that will be fixed lately, or is something I have to fix locally? The last output is

Running as unit: run-u347.service
fatal: not a git repository (or any parent up to mount point /var/cache/private)
Stopping at filesystem boundary (GIT_DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM not set).
Finished with result: exit-code
Main processes terminated with: code=exited/status=128
Service runtime: 17ms
CPU time consumed: 17ms
Running as unit: run-u348.service
Finished with result: success
Main processes terminated with: code=exited/status=0
Service runtime: 20ms
CPU time consumed: 18ms
Running as unit: run-u349.service
Finished with result: success
Main processes terminated with: code=exited/status=0
Service runtime: 1.340s
CPU time consumed: 87ms
Generating google-chrome information...
Running as unit: run-u351.service
Finished with result: success
Main processes terminated with: code=exited/status=0
Service runtime: 1.644s
CPU time consumed: 1.826s
Checking google-chrome dependencies...
Error: Failed to prepare transaction: invalid or corrupted database

Edit build files : [e] 
Apply transaction ? [e/y/N] N

Transaction cancelled.```

Hullo there,

To go over some things …

No such thing exists. Maybe you mean pamac ?

Ah so you do.

Seems an error local to you. The AUR is not down.

To start;

Please make sure to have any package managers closed.

Then I suggest a handful of things;

  • Sort Mirrors
sudo pacman-mirrors -f 
  • Remove the (probably problematic) pamac database
rm -rf /var/tmp/pamac/dbs/sync/*
  • Run upgrade, forcing database refresh
pamac update --force-refresh

Sometimes AUR fails with Manjaro - specifically when KDE Plasma was held back from Stable some time ago, I found a lot of KDE related items/scripts were updated in AUR before Manjaro had caught up with Arch.

These issues - usually not serious - will go away within a week or two (so the solution is to stick with what you have until it works).

However, Chrome updated without issues - so CSCS’s cleanout should do the trick.

Many thanks for the suggestion. I still get errors, any idea or suggestion you may still have in your sleeve? I may add that many packages that were pending are already updated, and they only remain things like zoom, skype,, or yay-git.

  List:    bsdtar -tf <archive-filename>
  Extract: bsdtar -xf <archive-filename>
  Create:  bsdtar -cf <archive-filename> [filenames...]
  Help:    bsdtar --help
==> ERROR: Failed to create package file.

Ah ok, good to know.

When you say to clean cscs’s, what do you mean exactly?

Many thanks for this help.

That error is entirely different and looks like either there is a problem with the PKGBUILD … or pamac is just fumbling the build, whcich wouldnt surprise me either.

Lets use something reliable for the repos;

sudo pacman -Syu

If that works then all thats left is AUR packages.

You might also clean out its build files

pamac clean -b

If you continue to hit errors please share them (and a bit more than just the bsdtar failing), including what package(s) are producing the error(s).

Also … do you have any other AUR helper besides pamac ?