AUR Packages: Question About Updates


I’m slowly branching into using AUR, mostly for little utilities I can’t get through the official repos yet.

I’ve run into a bit of a problem. I just installed ctop-bin from the AUR, and now I’m getting this contradictory output from pamac checkupdates -a:

~]$ pamac checkupdates -a
Your system is up-to-date.

Out of Date:
ctop-bin 0.7.3-1 AUR

Maybe I just don’t understand how Pamac works for AUR? Is it telling me that the official repo packages (the system) are up to date, and the AUR package is not?

If so, what’s the best way to update it? Do I just build stop again?


It mean that ctop-bin has been flagged as out of date on AUR by a user. To tell the maintener that there is a new version available…

There is no update available. It’s just about the status of the package on AUR


Excellent! I didn’t break something (for once)!


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