AUR package asks my Github username and password during building

Hello, when i “pamac build librevault” it asks my Github username and password:

Username for ‘’:

i was worried and cancelled it, should this be reported, where?
Or it is near zero risky to enter my credentials?

same happen for librevault-git

These AUR packages haven’t been updated since 2016.
You should not enter any credentials to install an AUR package.

This is probably broken because it is not maintained since 2016.

//EDIT: yes these AUR packages are dead, there are reference to source repos that do not exist anymore.

Well, I could view the source repo from librevault. Maybe it’s just hidden for people not logged into github?


You can access all these?

I didn’t check the submodules.

This one I can’t see, but the others I can.

Found this issue about it:

I guess this could be reported in the comments but I don’t know how one could modify the PKGBUILD to use these other branches.

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See VCS package guidelines - ArchWiki

prepare() {
	cd "$srcdir/${pkgname%-git}"
	git submodule init
	git config submodule contrib/dht.url "$srcdir/dht"
	git config submodule.contrib/libnatpmp.url "$srcdir/libnatpmp"
	git config submodule.contrib/rabin.url "$srcdir/rabin"
	git submodule update
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