AUR or SNAP app version to minimize risk of breakage?

You can trust Arch. Manjaro and various other distros are based upon, or are derivatives of, Arch. It’s like Ubuntu is based upon Debian. Arch is a big deal. Can you trust companies (Microsoft, Facebook) or governments? Ultimately the setup around the kernel that is Linux is a global community of software developers and software users. If you don’t trust the concept of Linux and it’s ecosystem then…???

In the open source world people want things to work, and most of the development work is done voluntarily by skilled people who rely on donations or sponsors , or by having another job. They have no interest in deceiving you with dodgy software. Of course sometimes the software will break in some way, but it is quickly fixed due to the community commenting upon it. Compare this to the nightmare of big company eg Windows updates that break allsorts of things and then are patched up with more hasty fixes and bad coding. Give me the Free Open Source Software global community (which includes Debian, Arch etc etc) over big corporate companies (who do not care about you and basically exist to make a profit for themselves and the shareholders who invested in them) anyday!

Rant over. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oh I see! So the link between AUR packages and Manjaro repo is way stronger than I assumed, and voting on them may end them up here in official Manjaro repo. I see, okay. So I have just registered now at Arch AUR repo website and voted on two apps there :slight_smile: Also, now I have seen the developer profile and history there, he has been working on this app for long years there.


To clarify: a package may start in the AUR, then it gets into the Arch Official Repository. What is in the Arch repository gets taken up by Manjaro into their Unstable Branch of Manjaro Repos. Then it travels into the Testing Branch and eventually ends up in the Stable Branch which is the Repository that you see.

Manjaro and Arch is two different worlds, but both strongly connected into a one big family. Perfect couple.

Manjaro - Good choice for people who want to life and simply haven’t enough time.

Arch - Good for seriously advanced technicals people.

Easy Manjaro world and hard core Arch world, but everybody can find own things. BUT keep it on mind, both world is the Arch and you can use AUR. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all. I will! Now I will rather prefer AUR vs any other Snap/Flat packs or Appimages. :wink: I left Debian/Buntuland and Redhat Fedora area for a reason, I prefer the more independent and smaller, the community mission.


Do you prefer smaller community? Haha, Arch have really big community, but everybody love freedom. Manjaro is small team, but there is a big community. And yes, AUR is good way!

:slight_smile: I mean compared to Debian/buntus or RedHat/Fedora communities :wink:

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