AUR enabled but pamac/pacman/yay do not find any AUR packages (rate limit)

This is painful…

Here goes. Yesterday I managed to mess up my system in such way that I thought it would be best to do a clean install. Finishing the install, enabling AUR and getting my system back to my settings, I noticed that pamac doesn’t find any AUR packages. Using yay in terminal for the packages I want from AUR all give the same/similar “error”

    ~  pamac search -a coinomi                                                     1 ✘  4s  
Failed to query from AUR: Rate limit reached

(I know, terminal looks super weird after changing it to zsh, bash on the other hand only says package not found). I haven’t done much, I don’t think I have “Software Mode” enabled, at least I haven’t been able to find that setting in pamac.
I shouldn’t have rate limit on my internet, I have very good connection.
Any help would be appreciated.

You are blocked by AUR itself. Are you using VPN?

They have a rate limit and when there is too many requests from the same IP Address within a certain timeframe it blocks further requests…

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Could be too many requests from the same IP, I was just changing to testing branch. Do not have VPN.

Was just trying again, and it was too many requests. Solved!

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