AudioRelay alternative for manjaro?

suddenly I broke my headphone. so I was using AudioRelay software to sync sounds between my android device & pc(windows). that means… my android phone working as my computer sound system.
I just leave garbage windowsOS forever :slightly_smiling_face:… basically I watch tutorials on my pc but now,I can’t find any linux version of AudioRelay :disappointed_relieved:!
is there any way to do the same thing with manjaro with android? :thinking:

There’s an early version of AudioRelay for Linux. It’s available in the forum but I can’t post any link here.
To try it, go to AudioRelay’s webpage → Click on forum → Announcements → Check the latest version.
(I’m the dev of AudioRelay)


Let me help a bit

Will also talk with the moderators if is the case to add you to contributors, so you can do more in this forum when and if you come back.

@Asapha - you are now Contributor with Trust Level 3.
Enjoy Manjaro forum and thanks for getting involved.


Welcome to the forum! :wave:

I’ve used your Purchased Apps Android app before. :grinning:

I’ve added it to the AUR, let me know if you’d like to help maintain it: audiorelay


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