Audio works with Manjaro - Configuring Input of a USB-Audio-Interface

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I’m trying to get audio signals routed from my USB-Audio-Interface into my audio server.

I’m running a xfce and (hopefullly) I’m using pipewire as a audio server (the right way).

At least I followed the instructions, here at the forum:
Title for search: How To Purge PulseAudio From Manjaro And Install PipeWire?

Right now, I’m unable to post links.

Now, the issue is: the Interface itself shows a connection (per LED), but I don’t see it anywhere recognized (i.e. within pipewire/ qpwgraph and Ardour).
Or I just don’t know, where to check. And at the same time I still need to figure out the routing.

Hopefully, you guys can help me out.
Please, let me know, in case I need to provide some more information.

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I also created a thread at Linux Musicians since I wasn’t sure whether the topic should be placed here or there.

Title for search: Confugiring Input of a USB-Audio-Interface
Yes, there’s a misspelling. :wink:

Just to close it down.

It’s working. The interface itself does have a class compliant mode (further within the manual). Once the device is running in this mode, it routes the audio into the DAW.

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