Audio stops after a couple of seconds (PipeWire)

Hello everyone, i recently installed a fresh version of Manjaro (kernel v 5.15) and immediately after a couple of moments (after updating), I started experiencing sound issues.

The main issue is that the sound stops working after a couple of second AFTER i have paused the sound (ie video or song). During play, sound works fine, but if I resume about 2 seconds after the moment I paused, there is no sound. Therefore, I have to manually restart the socket every single time.

Furthermore, for some reason, both pipewire and pulse audio, were enabled. In the past I had used pulseaudio, so I disabled the pipewire socket and services, I rebooted, and I still had issues.
Then I tried removing pulseaudio completely with all of its dependencies and enable pipewire again, and again it didnt work. Audio stop a couple of seconds after pause. I am really frustrated as I dont know what to do anymore. These are some of the commands Ive tried:

As for pulseaudio:

Thank you for your time and help

there are numerous threads about this recent problem.

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There are lot of similar reports about audio problems with kernel update including some ALSA related bug for Intel Skylake and later generations including TigerLake

A lot of users have confirmed that the best, simple solution for this is to install kernel v6.0
Using either Manjaro Settings Manager GUI tool. Or copy/paste this to terminal

sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux60

Thanks! but I’ d rather continue with kernel 5.15, any other solution?

see discussion linked in post #2 for information on how to downgrade kernel and reasons why it is not recommended

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