Audio output of usb headphones not available for selection

Hello! I am currently using a HyperX headphones connected to my computer with a USB-C soundcard. When checking the sound settings through pavucontrol and i cannot seem to find the setting to switch into the headsets. The only thing available is the hdmi output (screen), D/PDIF (i have no idea what this is as it doesn’t play any sound) and the speakers. I am dual booting if that information helps in any form.
Incidentally, i tried following a fix i have found when troubleshooting.

So, i downloaded the PulseAudio system tray from pacman, there i toggled the module “module-udev-detect” and that seems to have done the trick. Thanks for the advice, hope this helps somebody else.

After having installed pasystray, i cannot seem to launch it by clicking it as nothing happens. And if i do it through the terminal i get the following:
(pasystray:3648): pasystray-WARNING **: 10:07:52.280: Error initializing Avahi: Daemon not running

Any idea what i could do ?

For future references for anyone that finds this. Basically how i managed to fix it was to remove the soundcard usb provided by hyperx from the USB 3.0 slots on my motherboard and move it on the USB 2.0 slots. Now i am not really sure how or why this works but now the headphones output appeared inside of pavucontrol and I can easily switch between speakers and headphones output.

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