Audio normalizer?

i m looking for gui app. that could normalize sound peak level from various sources and tracks.
is there any?

sudo pacman -S audacity audacity-docs


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tanx 4 promot. iwas not pricase enaugh. i need 2 set all players, local and pages on same volume (?peak )level

Maybe try this? Config client · Wiki · PipeWire / pipewire · GitLab

Just uncomment

#channelmix.normalize = true

This could possibly be all that is needed, i don’t know.

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mafraid cant do script building, even cant enter 4 uncomment zsh denay acces >> zsh: pristup je odbijen: /usr/share/pipewire/client.conf

you might be on such old install that you don’t have pipewire? Then just google audio normalization pulseaudio and follow some guide

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tanx! gonna try work that direction

n works, maybe it is just for ubunt.
btw. is possible to add mono output in pulse audio. dont see it right now


as previously, i have no idea if it is still current/works

edit: install pulseeffects and it should show you the option directly

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For PulseAudio remap to mono see this post from Sep '22 - Method to force mono audio?

To remap stereo audio to mono in PulseAudio

  1. Get the name of the default sink used for audio playback

    pactl get-default-sink
  2. Create a file in user home folder for custom PulseAudio configuration with a text editor

    sudo nano ~/.config/pulse/
  3. Copy & paste this text into text editor

    .include /etc/pulse/
    # Remap stereo to mono
    load-module module-remap-sink master=[default-sink] sink_name=mono sink_properties="device.description='Mono'" channels=2 channel_map=mono,mono
    # Optional: Select new remap as default
    set-default-sink mono

    Replace [default-sink] with name of default-sink from 1.

  4. Save configuration file Ctrl + O and quit nano Ctrl + X

  5. Restart Pulseaudio:

    systemctl --user restart pulseaudio

( based on: PulseAudio/Examples/Remap stereo to mono - ArchWiki )

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switched 2 mono!
:smile: much thanx nikgnomic

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