Audio noise during Manjaro Boot

Hello everyone!
I’ve been realizing that every time that I boot my linux system (Manjaro KDE Plasma), i hear a noise, like a POP in my headphones.

I saw Unpleasant boom from speakers on boot in this forum, but i couldn’t solve my problem with that solution.

Is there another way to solve that? What can I do?
will it be a problem if i let it go? Will it harm any component?

do you also have that on other OS’es?
sounds more like a hardware - behavior to me that triggers when the device is initialized.

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It’s likely that your headphones has a different unpowered position compared to a powered idle one. Remember that the sound usually comes out of an headphone thanks to a magnet moving a membrane, magnet oscillating with input power.

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You lucky :duck: :exclamation:

I programmed a SystemD service to play a boot sound just before my DE is started so I can hear my system is booted in case my video card ever dies and you get this all for free!

IOW: see this as a feature, not a bug!


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Yes, I have Windows in Dualboot here.

So, it is normal, right?

Got it!
The sound I reported is similar to what happens when I connect jack to the P2 input.

So, I must be calm about this noise, right?

:joy: :joy:
On that side, it is an advantage!

I was afraid because I never noticed that happen in another computer or distro.

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