Audio missing through HDMI for very specific files

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I have a really weird one for you today.

I am running the i3 version of Manjaro, and I usually have my TV connected to the computer via HDMI. And usually the sound works just fine, however, whenever I try to play some particular files, in VLC the sound is gone. If I then disconnect the HDMI the audio is there. Any other video file i play over VLC, the sounds plays fine, no problem. I also tested other files of the same file type they all play the sound. but for some reason only these particular files triggers this error…

I am super confused, anyone have any ideas what might help?

Thank so much in advance :smiley:

That might be the HyperDimensionalMediaInterface that is on another frequency. Please adjust your portal gun. :grin:

On a more serious note: What’s the codec of the file? Is there any console output when starting VLC from the terminal?
The pavucontrol program let’s you select the output device. Maybe it’s trying to send a format that your television doesn’t understand (DTS-A, Dolby-something, etc.)

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I suggest you check the audio codec information for the files in VLC - Ctrl+J

and check the audio streams from VLC in PulseAudio

pactl list-sink-inputs
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