Audio Interface (Scarlett 2i2) microphone not working

I’m currently using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (USB interface), for general use and recording every now and then. When I do recording, I use Reaper, and it picks up my 2i2 as an ALSA sound source. All is well, I can record as normal. However, Manjaro itself doesn’t seem to detect the microphone on my 2i2 at all. Headphone output works fine though. When I go into the audio menu in system settings, the stereo analog output from the 2i2 shows up as an option, but no input devices.

If I plug in a webcam, it manages to detect the webcam’s mic. I’d much rather use my nice microphone for conference calls than the webcam’s mic, needless to say. Any help would be appreciated.

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