Audio doesn't work after using HDMI

Every time I connect my laptop to TV via HDMI and use TV’s audio and then disconnect it my laptop’s audio ceases to function, if it’s not reconfigured via switching from “Play HiFi quality Music” to “Pro Audio” profile and chosing one of audio devices and switching back to “Play HiFi quality Music”.
Is there a way to fix that? I want audio configuration to get back to normal by itself every time I unplug my laptop from any external audio device.
Here is my inxi -Ax | grep -E 'PulseAudio|PipeWire' if needed:

Server-1: PipeWire v: 0.3.70 status: active

There should be other options in the “Configuration” tab of pavucontrol.
Are there only the two?

(or something similar from the KDE audio config)

I have same issue in latest manjaro with GNOME. No pavucontrol available, settings says no audio device.