Audio delay of 0.5 sec on bluetooth headphones

Hey there.
I experience delay about 0.5 sec on audio playback with bluetooth headphones. They work perfectly fine with android phone.

Any ideas how I can fix it?

Installed pulseaudio-modules-bt and set to a2dp, it didn’t help.

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You could try this:

  • In pavucontrol, go to the Output Devices tab.
  • Find your device, and then > Advanced.
  • Change the Latency offset.

It definitely works, but looks like a crutch to me, also I have problems with synchronizing offset and video.

But thanks for the input, I’d love to see any other ideas

Yeah, there’s probably a better solution.

Use this command to find the Name and Port for the Blueetooth audio card in PulseAudio

pactl list cards | grep -Pzo '.*bluez_card(.*\n)*'

Then use the card name to set the latency to 250000 micro-seconds (250mS)

pactl set-port-latency-offset <NAME> <PORT> 250000

The value for latency may need to be increased if there are any audio glitches

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