Audio Compressor solution

Hello everyone!

Until the last update I was still able to somehow use Pulseeffects with Pipewire to get a compressor effect that took out the loud audio parts when watching movies.
Since the update pulseeffects has been removed from my system, so that option seems to be gone.

Does anyone know how to get a compressor effect under pipewire?

Thank you!

Pulseeffects change the name, now it’s EasyEffects. Check out in menu, should be there.

yeah, but new version with new name should be installed :slight_smile:

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Settings location changed:

and apparently is no longer compatible:

You need to re-configure the effects you were using.

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Found it! Thank you very much for your help! :smiley:

Cheers Beer

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Thank you for the additional information. I re-created my compressor settings and it is working great :slight_smile:

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