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I want to listen to a record on Audacity without recording it. When recording, I already activated acoustic input monitoring - I can hear a finished recording.

What else do I have to set for this to work?

Hi and welcome to Manjaro,

Audacity is primarily for recording/editing.

But as it can playback recording as well I must assume you can do what you want - probably by importing the project/file.

Here are some likely relevant sections of the audacity docs;

Excuse me if I am being ignorant, I have not used audacity much recently.

What exactly is not working for you?

Attached here is also a helpful guide for things like formatting code etc

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Thank you very much for the tip - you just have to click on the play button and you can listen.

In older versions it was somehow different.

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Audacity has 2 options for monitoring audio in Recording Preferences

Play other tracks while recording (overdub) is enabled by default
Press the Play button for Audacity to play any recorded audio. Use the mute/solo buttons to control which tracks are audible

Audible input monitoring is disabled by default because monitoring audio input through Audacity usually has too much latency and can create a feedback loop
(better to use zero-latency monitoring in USB or onboard audio devices, if available)
To monitor audio input Audacity must be armed for recording (Pause+Record)

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