Audacity-extras marked as foreign package

Since a couple updates, not sure when, audacity-extras doesn’t exist anymore in Manjaro repos.
Is there a reason all the plugins are not available anymore? Did I miss something?

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I can’t find it in repositories nor in AUR, so it’s normal it is marked as such. What branch are you using?

I found some information about the AUR package
No activity on this package for 4 years might be why it has been removed

The PKGBUILD shows the source location for the nyquist plugins
GitHub - nyancat18/audacity-plugin: audacity plugin list
The script is only copying the plug-ins to /usr/share/audacity/plug-ins/
so you could to copy them to your system manually

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Hence this thread. I’m on Testing branch.

OK it wasn’t provided by Manjaro but was an AUR package? My mistake then.

I already have the plugins installed. I know I can manually install files in the system too but that was not really the purpose of this thread.

My question was about the fact it is not provided anymore, but if it was an AUR package then, my question could be changed to “can Manjaro team recreate such package?” then.
These plugins are somewhat important to be used with Audacity and having all in one pack to download is really handy.

The real question is why the AUR package disappeared? Maybe it could be possible to recreate it, using the official download links of all the plugins packs.

Thanks for replies.

We still don’t really know.

If you have the package still installed you can check that.

pacman -Qi audacity-extras

Who is the packager?

Deletion Request for audacity-extras from July 2020


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pacman -Qi audacity-extras
Nom                      : audacity-extras
Version                  : 2.2.1-1
Description              : All nyquist plugins for audacity
Architecture             : any
URL                      : localhost:43110
Licences                 : GPL2
Groupes                  : --
Fournit                  : --
Dépend de                : audacity
Dépendances opt.         : --
Requis par               : --
Optionnel pour           : --
Est en conflit avec      : --
Remplace                 : --
Taille installée         : 238,38 KiB
Paqueteur                : Unknown Packager
Compilé le               : jeu. 09 juil. 2020 00:28:24
Installé le              : jeu. 09 juil. 2020 00:28:28
Motif d’installation     : Explicitement installé
Script d’installation    : Non
Validé par               : --

Not much info.

So someone has requested deletion to change the package, but they simply never did it? And now the package doesn’t exist and no replacement for it… Wow, great.

This means it is an AUR package. Every Package form the normal repository has a real packager.

The reason why it was deleted. But it seems nobody created the audacity-extras-git package. Simply nobody cared.

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What a bunch of cretin. Why would someone request that to just make the package disappear. I don’t really care for now, I have the old package installed with the hundred or so plugins… but what when I will need to install it elsewhere? Manual installation is annoying lot of different packs to download merge and add to system…

Well now we have more info thanks, but I don’t understand these guys. I had found the archived page of the package earlier and they were discussing of that in the comments too…

//EDIT: funny the snapshot still works

I downloaded the snapshot from that link but it does not install for me

$ sudo pacman -U audacity-extras.tar.gz 
loading packages...
error: missing package metadata in audacity-extras.tar.gz
error: 'audacity-extras.tar.gz': invalid or corrupted package

Installing from the url fails due to missing signature

$ sudo pacman -U
error: failed retrieving file 'audacity-extras.tar.gz.sig' from : The requested URL returned error: 400
warning: failed to download
loading packages...
error: '/var/cache/pacman/pkg/audacity-extras.tar.gz': package missing required signature

This is not a package that can be installed with pacman!

It is just an archive that contains the PKGBUILD and maybe other files that are required to build the package or additional information.

You need to extra it and then use makepkg to build the package.

I was not aware of the AUR package before it was mentioned here

I would usually add plugins by downloading them to ~/.audacity-data/Plug-Ins/ from Audacity Wiki or from the forum

If someone were to recreate the AUR package, it should include any new plugins added to the Audacity Wiki last few years or the description All nyquist plugins for audacity should be changed

And that’s around 150 plugins to manually grab, hence the existence of such package :\ Do you see the work involved for a user to have the full set?

I can get 74 plugins from audacity archive ok

cd ~/.audacity-data/Plug-Ins/ &&
wget -nd -r -A ny

But there are another 38 at I can’t get with a simple wget command


I did quick file counts on the .ny plugins and Audacity Wiki has 122 plugins compared to 98 in file

I have 126 actually in my plugin folder

[omano@omano-nvme plug-ins]$ ls | wc -l

But that’s not really the issue if there is 130 or 150.
OK you downloaded them, still it doesn’t help other users who will not know and use terminal to extract and download files from a webpage. That’s the point of the topic.

Also the user folder for plugins is deprecated according to their WIKI. It may still work for now though.

Audacity can currently load Nyquist plug-ins from other locations, but it is recommended to use the locations listed above. In particular, ~/.audacity-data/Plug-Ins is now deprecated as a location for Nyquist plug-ins, but at the moment it is still supported.

It is still cool to have a way to easily collect the plugins though. But it doesn’t help to properly install the plugins system wide, hence the request I may open to create the package in Manjaro.

Instead of constantly complaining, why not step up and create the package? Every User can add packages to the AUR.
Fix the problems of the old package, rename it and push it to the AUR. After that everybody can install it.

I don’t really want to create an AUR package. I’m not constantly complaining, I’m replying to the off topic now my question is solved and discussion still continues. Why do you even reply here, to complain about me complaining?

Maybe you can do it if it is that easy to do and maintain?


I don’t use audacity. I don’t do it for software I don’t care about.

Great, thanks, you’re dismissed now.

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