Audacious - Unsupported File Extension Error

When adding files to the Library (or refreshing) on Audacious I get an Error popup for ‘unsupported file name extension’ for each (and every) .cue file in my Music directory - specifically: “Cannot load file file:///.cue: unsupported file name extension”.

I’m not particularly worried about support for .cue files, and don’t need to be able to support or play these, however the hundreds of popup’s, each which is given focus, and loaded on top of the desktop is rather annoying.

This behavior is consistent regardless of if the .cue support plugin is enabled, disabled, or removed.

Is there a way to either - stop Audacious looking for .cue files, or stop the error dialogs being created?

In Settings-Plugins-Playlist, is Cue Sheet Plugin checked? I have audacious plugins installed as well.

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Yes, currently enabled, but consistent behavior either way.