Audacious packaging lag

Audacious 4.3 was released on 5-mar-2023 and includes a significant bug fix with a plugin but the package in the repo has yet to be updated - the packager is Evangelos Foutras and i contacted him but never received a reply

how does one handles this?

The Arch extra package was flagged out of date about two weeks ago. It will be updated when the maintainer has time. Emailing the packager won’t make it happen any faster.

Or, you can grab the PKGBUILD(s) from Arch and build it yourself as an option.

i wasn’t trying to rush the package maintainer (though it’s now been ~6 weeks since Audacious 4.3 was released with a rather important bug fix)

the problem is that i don’t know whether the current maintainer, Evangelos Foutras, is still maintaining the package at all since he didn’t respond to my mail

perhaps there is someone who knows him who could try and establish contact, or perhaps a new maintainer is needed

Arch package maintainer is maintaining 129 Arch packages and has updated 16 packages so far this month, but has 12 packages flagged out of date currently

There might be a flatpak or snap package with latest version, but I would just use another music player until Audacious is updated