Atom Editor removed from repos?

I noticed that the Atom Editor was removed from the repos & was wondering why that was?

I tried updating atom through yay & the build failed. I checked & many have already posted about the issue - is this why?

Also, there used to be a atom-editor-bin in the AUR but that’s not there anymore.

Is there something broken about Atom or are people just not using it anymore?

Atom was discontinued.


There is a good alternative of Atom Editor:
Code-OSS (code) in the official repo, it is Open Source and based on VS Code, which has more features like Atom, but its performance is better.

VS Code and Atom Editor are owned by Microsoft, because Microsoft bought GitHub.

I already use Microsoft’s VS Code as my main editor.

I used Atom mainly to keep open files that I want to reference when doing my work. It’s visually a lot quicker to know what I’m editing & what I’m referencing when the interface is completely different.

I guess it’s time to egg hunt for alternatives.

I was also very sad to lose the Atom editor. Is there any reason not to keep the last version in the repo?

For those using VS Code, let me recommend VS Codium: It’s basically the same, but with Microsoft telemetry removed. I didn’t see it in the official repos but there is a Flatpak for it.

vscodium is in the AUR

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