Ati radeon support for linux kernel

For the first since using Manjaro 6 years ago, I’m not using Nvidia anymore. My boss giving me option just for Radeon R7 250E for graphic card. Installing Manjaro Linux with nonfree driver option until finish. When looking into hardware driver, I found my ATI Radeon not installed with proprietary driver, but only opensource driver (free driver). I’m really NEW at this corner. I don’t find any linux kernel related to ATI Radeon like Nvidia. I have discovering may thread and discussion, but still difficult how to get ATI Catalyst Control Center.
The questions…

  1. Why there are no linux kernel support to ATI Radeon?
  2. How to get ATI Catalyst control center under Manjaro?

There is ─ the kernel has a Free & Open Source Software radeon driver module for older ATi/AMD GPUs, and the amdgpu module for modern AMD GPUs.

The Catalyst driver is deprecated and no longer maintained. AMD does offer a proprietary driver called amdgpu-pro for their modern GPUs, but in practice, there isn’t much that this driver offers that you wouldn’t be able to get from the Free Software amdgpu driver that comes as a loadable module with the kernel itself.


Radeon drivers are open source , as amdgpu


Many thanks for all the reply. I’m sorry for too my newbie at this corner.

No need to apologize. Everyone needs to learn somewhere/sometime!


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