Athenaeum-git: WARNING: The wheel package is not available

I got a message on pamac saying “WARNING: The wheel package is not available.” whilst attempting at building a package (athenaeum).

You can have this fixed it with:

pamac install python-wheel 

python packages installed with pip are not tracked by pacman FYI

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with pacman we add “python-” :wink:

if we not install in home with pip : it’s always very bad to install in system with pip
in arch page, read Required by … if installed by pip, you can’t install these 61 packages :woozy_face:

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…as it is internal infrastructure of pip, it’s user actions, user configs, files, etc.
Just the same as for npm packages.

~/Desktop ❯ pacman -Qo $(which touch) 
/usr/bin/touch is owned by coreutils 9.0-2

The same as to expect tracking the files created by user using the touch.

System packages manager VS project package manager of local user.

Oh sheet, I actually ran a bit later:

pamac install python-wheel  

I was under the impression “pip install wheel” should work, but don’t mind me, I was updating a bunch of stuff.

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