Asus Zenbook UX425UG Q408UG: what is working and not working?

I’m considering getting the Q408 since it is on sale at Microcenter for $550, probably because it is known to have a slower M.2 drive (which you can replace). I have some questions:

  • Does the keyboard work during boot up? That’s when I’d enter my LUKS password to unlock the hard drive. There’s a workaround on the Arch Linux Wiki in case the keyboard doesn’t work.
  • Does the headphone jack work for playing and recording? That’s what I primarily use.
  • Does brightness control work OK, either via dropdown menu or the Fn keys?
  • How is the hard drive performance? People say it’s quite slow necessary to upgrade.
  • Does the MicroSD card work? I’ll have to use it, if I don’t upgrade the M.2.
  • Is dual booting with Windows possible?
  • Lastly, is HDMI working?

I don’t have that model, so i’d suggest looking online for issues regarding that model or its components.

But by default, i’d say

  • Yes.
  • Yes.
  • Supposedly. You may need to select the right keyboard model in the settings.
  • AFAIK M.2 drives provide even better performance than SSDs, do i don’t think that’ll be an issue.
  • Supposedly.
  • As much as before.
  • Supposedly.