Asus laptop unable to wake/resume from sleep/suspend

Asus TUF A15 2021, Nvidia 3060, AMD Ryzen 7 5800h, Manjaro KDE, using video-hybrid-amd-nvidia-prime proprietary drivers

having issues with not being able to resume and power back on after putting it to sleep, when trying to resume the keyboard backlight just blinks for one moment and that’s it, nothing else happens, have to do hard reset. This problem persists on all new kernels, 5.14 - 5.13 - 5.12, the newest one that is actually able to wake up normally is 5.10, not sure what could i try to fix it

I actually did find potential solution in this repo GitHub - jfredrickson/disable-c6: A systemd service to disable the C6 state upon system boot, preventing Ryzen freezes. but it seems some other issues start occurring, which i dont think have to do with this script but with these underlying issues themselves which prevent wake up, so hoping to get to the root of the problem and find solid overall solution

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  1. Please read this:
    [HowTo] reboot / turn off your frozen computer: REISUB/REISUO

  2. Please read this:
    [HowTo] become a Manjaro power user when you're a wizard at Windows but a N00b at Manjaro / Linux
    (Long article, but the above link points you to the right section and maybe the other sections might cach your interest too! :grin: )
    After that, delete all the Stable Development kernels and install 5.4 as an LTS fall-back.

Problem solved!


Thanks, i will look into this about avoiding hard reset seems interesting! Considering kernels, i already kinda follow similar policy and having newest LTS and 1-2 newest stable kernels, and 5.10 is the newest that wakes up from sleep normally without tweaks, the newer ones for some reason just completely freeze unless i enable C6 tweak script, so it could probably be something about Ryzen CPU and new kernels not working well together but not sure. For now i guess i could use this workaround with C6

Delete the other ones unless you have a compelling reason to use them (I.E. New hardware not recognized by the LTS kernel and stay away from development kernels (which is what I do)